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You’re probably trying to figure out the best way forward for your business just like me when I was building patio’s and decks for a living over 2 decades ago, it was hard trying to figure out the truth from the gospel and how best to grow my business without using greedy advertisers, it took me 20 years to figure it out, so now I want to share that success with you too!

We offer a wide range of services tailored specifically to suit what works well for YOUR company and not just any old one will do. Take advantage of our knowledge in conversion optimization & SEO strategies (More CALLS!); both have proven records that are evidence they work!

So if this is you, and you want to Stop Spending More Than You Earn
If you’re sick and tired of wasting your hard-earned dollars on advertising campaigns that simply cost more than they make. If you’re fed up with the so-called ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ who offer excuses instead of results.

Then when it comes to growing a business, you can finally stop guessing how. Let our proven battle-tested strategies work for YOU:

Would you say no?

So what if I told you we could offer to stream an endless amount of HIGH QUALITY LEADS straight to you… And scale your revenue over the next 90 days and far beyond?

  • WITHOUT paying upfront
  • WITHOUT any door knocking
  • WITHOUT undercharging to stay competitive
  • WITHOUT wasting time learning Digital Ads

This is not a 'get rich quick' fix, it's a game plan to win the marketing race using a methodical proven fashion.

You Get:


Here's what we know:

You and I both know without customers our businesses will fail so it’s vitally important we have a constant stream of high quality paying clients coming through our doors.

That’s why we don’t risk our business futures on guesswork alone wouldn’t you agree?

Because of this, it’s probably a wise move to hire a team of professionals like Leadx who can take a deep dive under the hood of your operations in order to understand its needs so we can diagnose and optimise your business into a finely tuned automated selling machine. Let’s read some more on how we do this below:


We Start By Building You A Fully Automated Sales Funnel

Early in their journey, your potential customers are going through a specific problem and within this time frame they’re learning about the challenges.

In this stage, you’ve stepped into an important new phase of the customer journey. You are no longer dealing with nameless and faceless contacts who may or may not have a problem that fits your product or service offerings. Instead, they know exactly what their needs are – and so do you!

The prospect has finally seen the light, and now they’re looking for a service to suit their needs. So we’ll help them find just what they need by bringing them through an evaluation phase where benefits can be explored so that when it comes time to sign up, you won’t have any worries!

They buy your product, and it doesn’t end there. If they make it through the funnel to this stage but don’t purchase anything? You have a backup plan: The option of adding additional down-sell sequences in your conversion sequence will take care of them if you’re running low on inventory or are not able to offer cheaper versions for sale at that time.

Setting up a Google Business Profile account is the best way to get your business in front of that local audience. That’s because these listings are prioritized over any others on search results pages, meaning you can be sure people will find you!

The power of Google Business Profile is real, and you don’t want to miss out. With the GBP SEO integration with Google Ads for Local businesses, your dreams can become reality – assuming they’re a dream about making more money?

As a potential customer, you might need to make quick purchase decisions. Google Business Profile listings can do that for you! It gathers all the information about your business so customers can communicate with you on the go.

Depending on what position you rank your GMB, most businesses can expect a significant increase in inquiries, even more, if you can get into the top 3 positions. Some businesses have experienced upwards of 50% or more in calls. Some even more. It all depends on where you sit on Googles positions.

We can set up your GBP using proven cutting edge techniques 99% of the so-called experts don’t. We devour your competitor’s digital real estate when it comes to ranking your business in Google and build your business a bigger footprint that gets you found more often.


Then we see how your advertising budgets going

Targeted Ads

We make sure we give less to Zuckerburg & Google and more towards your perfect customer for maximum bang for your buck.

Reduce Manpower

Our fully automated sales funnels help reduce manual labour by processing checkouts, upselling products with order bumps and collecting money in advance for your services or products.

Calculated Costs

You know exactly what you're up for in advance before we begin the construction phase of your digital storefront.

We also need to audit your website for health status

Website Design

We can give your website a complete makeover or build something brand new fresh from scratch designed to increase conversions from your sales funnel.

Webpage Speed

A slow website is like dragging a boat anchor while trying to win the 100m sprint. In other words, Google frowns on slow loading websites and hits you with a red card for it! Let's lift up the bonnet and give your site the once over for any improvements to speed it up and get the Google Gods shining down on you!

Calculated Costs

Don't worry about blowing a hole in your budget. We forecast the amount needed to run your lead generating machine right down to the last brass razoo!

Create your own

Let's Build Something Together with Leadx

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Social Media Marketing

You can now have your very own marketing manager to assist in every facet of strategic social media management from organic to paid traffic blueprints.


We use Facebook as our workhorse driving traffic on command to our desired destination organically and using adverts.


Yet another powerful tool that has its time and place when it comes to boosting your sales.


We cleverly craft YouTube videos to interconnect your website, Google My Business and media campaigns to drive even more calls to your business.

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