Lead Generation

Have you been working too hard to generate more work, and yet nothing is happening?

Are your competitors getting all the clients you wish you had?

Well, my friend, that stops right away; we are here for you now.

We bring you exclusive and ready-to-work clients.

We will help you tap into your targeted customer base and get you the ready to convert clients you have been looking for.


If you’re ready to grow your business beyond boundaries and stay ahead of your competitors, we need to talk.

We do not just deliver ‘leads,’ we deliver clients ready to work with you immediately.

Your Customer Generation Service

LeadX is here to help you get optimal results from your online marketing investment. We’ve tested and proven our different client generation strategies over the years, and they keep working for us. Our team devises, formulates, and executes our strategies to drive an exclusive and unending flow of ready-to-work clients your way.

Are you looking to increase your sales and revenues and boost your business growth?

Relax as we do the magic for you.

Our integrated, multichannel approach takes your business to your target audience across different platforms and devices and ensures only qualified businesses are brought to you.



Here's how it works

and how we make it simple

  • Targeting your ideal clients at the right time and place.
  • An unending inflow of exclusive ready-to-work clients.
  • Reduced cost per enquiry you get from a potential client by optimizing the client conversion pathway.
  • Highly targeted client base – we target people ready to do business with you.
  • We adapt to market changes to deliver clients to you anytime and always.
  • We have one aim – To increase your Calls, Clients and Cash Flow 

The bad part is I only work with a handful of selective clients, I’d rather provide quality at the expense of quantity. My hands-on approach and client relationships are more than just about business, we also become lifelong friends.



Hi, I'm graham

AND I help build your business

Short story about me: I once ran my own successful building company and one of the biggest pains I had was generating inquiries. Finding a good marketer is almost as hard as finding a good mechanic. It was frustrating for me back then like it could be for you now, all that wasted money, broken promises, burnt cash from fake marketing gurus consistently delivering the wrong type of customers.

It was my biggest pain, so after retiring my hammer and kicking back in a caravan for a couple of years I decided to get back into work, but this time I wanted to figure out a way to increase quality clientele for my friends who had businesses as my new hobby.

My hobby has now turned into a full-time career of helping other small businesses grow into something bigger sustainably with proven strategic planning.

So if you think my services may fit your vision please do yourself a favour and lets chat about your options. Zero BS.

~ Graham George

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